I have a passion for beautiful fashion and a love of people and all their different shapes and sizes.  Dressing people in clothes and jewels they like makes me happy.  Although clothes are not the most important thing in life, we do have to wear them.  If you have to do it, why not do it with style?  I began my journey in the realm of retail fashion at the age of fourteen.  My Grandmother had a women’s  boutique and she took me to the fashion market in Los Angeles on one of her buying trips.  I think of her every time I set foot in the mart.  I worked in retail in some form or another, along with other career experiments, until I bought into the store at the age of 32, and here I am many many years later!  I am so thankful for my amazing staff and fabulous community of customers who inspire me and push me to continue to grow and learn.  It is you, the people inside the clothes who truly matter!

Tami Yunck


The Village Shop was established in 1969 by Nina Hinderman.  Its original location was on our local ski mountain, then Big Mountain, now Whitefish Mountain Resort.  It has changed location a few times  and morphed from a ski boutique to a fashion boutique.  Nancy Svennungsen purchased the store from Nina and moved it to its current location of 201 Central Avenue, Whitefish.  It is located in the oldest building downtown, originally a movie theatre.  The art deco theatre wall and ceiling murals were preserved and the ancient movie projector is on display in the shop.  Tami bought half of the store from Nancy in the year 2000, and for six years Nancy was her business partner and mentor until she retired in 2006 and Tami became the sole owner.